From February 9, 2022 it is ESSENTIAL TO RESERVE and pay a fee to be able to camp or bivouac in the Góriz camping area, where it has been limited to 50 people a day (90 people while the refuge works last). Camping or bivouac is prohibited throughout the rest of the Ordesa sector. In the other sectors of the National Park (Añisclo, Pineta and Escuaín) there are no changes.


Camping is only authorized between one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise , depending on the official timetables for the area provided by the National Geographic Institute.

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Salida y puesta sol Huesca-2022



The reservation of each camping place is valid for one person. Keep in mind that you are not going to reserve a pitch or a tent, and that the cost per person is the same whether you are going to bivouac or pitch a tent.


In order to confirm your reservation it is necessary to pay an advance which varies depending on the services you book. When you arrive at the hut you must pay, in cash or by card, the total amount of your reservation.

RATES 2022


The payment of the rate includes a hot shower and the use of a locker so you can store your material throughout your stay, including the day of departure if you carry out an activity in the area.


You must bring your own camping equipment (sack, mat, tent). If you do not have a tent, the refuge has a tent rental service (at an additional cost to that of the camping place. It does not include assembly and disassembly).


All the members of your reservation must identify themselves, by means of the DNI or passport, when arriving at the refuge. You will be assigned a camping point and an identifier; in case of having reserved dinner at the shelter, also the turn and table.


You will be able to access the same services as those staying at the refuge: bar, restaurant, information on routes, material rental, etc.


Do not forget that we are at 2200 meters of altitude, so the nights can be very cold even in summer, and you may need a good sleeping bag. Check the weather forecast before going up.


La reserva es imprescindible. Además, solo se puede acampar o vivaquear aquellos días en los que las reservas en el interior ya están completas. No hay distinción entre vivaquear y montar tienda. No vengas sin reserva.

Las reservas, tanto de alojamiento en el refugio como de acampada, se hacen exclusivamente online. Pulsa en el botón amarillo para acceder a la central de reservas de albergues y refugios, donde podrás consultar disponibilidad de plazas y, en unos pocos pasos, confirmar tu reserva. Podrás incluir la reserva de cenas, desayunos y picnic.

Nos puedes  enviar un email a [email protected] o llamar al teléfono 974341201 para reservas de última hora. También si tienes problemas para reservar online o si ya tienes una reserva y necesitas anularla o modificarla.

Consulta aquí las condiciones generales sobre las reservas.


RATES 2022


Adulto no federado
Pernocta REFUGIO26,90 €
Pernocta ACAMPADA16,50 €
Cena21,40 €
Desayuno10,40 €
Picnic13,30 €
MP* refugio58,70 €
PC* refugio72,00 €
MP* acampada48,30 €
PC* acampada61,60 €


Adulto federado**
Pernocta REFUGIO20,30 €
Pernocta ACAMPADA11,10 €
Cena19,00 €
Desayuno9,40 €
Picnic12,30 €
MP* refugio48,70 €
PC* refugio61,00 €
MP* acampada39,50 €
PC* acampada51,80 €
Menor de 14 no federado
Pernocta REFUGIO13,30 €
Pernocta ACAMPADA8,10 €
Cena21,40 €
Desayuno10,40 €
Picnic13,30 €
MP* refugio45,10 €
PC* refugio58,40 €
MP* acampada39,90 €
PC* acampada53,20 €
Menor de 14 federado
Pernocta REFUGIO10,20 €
Pernocta ACAMPADA5,00 €
Cena19,00 €
Desayuno9,40 €
Picnic12,30 €
MP* refugio38,60 €
PC* refugio51,90 €
MP* acampada33,40 €
PC* acampada45,70 €


Alquiler de material
Par de crampones y piolet15 €
Solo crampones9 €
Solo piolet8 €
Tienda de campaña (incluye dos esterillas)18,00 €
Toalla4,00 €


*MP (Media Pensión) = Pernocta + Cena + Desayuno.

*PC (Pensión Completa) = MP + Picnic.

** A partir del 1 de enero de 2023, la tarifa de federado se aplica únicamente a las licencias pertenecientes al Acuerdo de Correspondencia Mutua de Refugios.

Precios por persona y noche. Todos los precios con IVA incluido.

No hay descuentos para grupos.

The Master Plan for the Use and Management of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park regulates the bivouac and night camping, establishing a series of restrictions for each sector of the National Park, especially for Ordesa.


Camping and bivouac are prohibited in the entire Ordesa sector at any level, except in the area adjacent to the Góriz refuge and provided that it has its full capacity, where a maximum quota of 90 people a day until December 31, 2023, and 50 people thereafter.

– In the rest of the sectors it is still allowed, without a maximum quota, from the following levels:

  • Añisclo Sector: 1650 m. (Fuenblanca).
  • Escuain Sector: 1800 m. (The Grate).
  • Pineta Sector: 2550 m. (above the Balcony of Pineta).

– You can stay a maximum of 3 nights in a row in the same sector.

In all cases, tents and other materials used for overnight stays may only be set up from 1 hour before sunset to 1 hour after sunrise. During the day, tents cannot be left lying on the ground.

Mountain hut services and facilities


    • Bar open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    • Breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
    • Meals from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (WITHOUT RESERVATION).
    • Dinners at 7:00 p.m.
    • Picnic bags to go.
    • Commissary.
    • Information on routes, weather and mountain safety.
    • Rental of crampons and ice axes.
    • Rental of tents
    • First aid kit.
    • Emergency station.
    • Public phone.


      If you already have a reservation for a camping place, when you arrive at the refuge to check-in you can rent a tent (includes 2 mats) for an additional cost of €10.