Compare different weather forecast services before doing any activity in the mountains

METEOBLUE Forecast Ordesa National Park, elevation 1991m


the coming weather

Interesting blog from our friend Jorge García-Dihinx, where twice a week he writes a complete and reliable weather and snow forecast for the Aragonese Pyrenees.

AEMET numerical models

Through the numerical models offered by the AEMET website, it is possible to obtain a very reliable last-minute forecast for different variables: precipitation, wind, cloud cover, etc.

The ATES cartography in the Monte Perdido – Ordesa massif is a planning tool for our winter activities , which will help us choose the safest itineraries.

The Avalanche Terrain Classification Scale or ATES tool is a system that classify the land according to its degree of exposure to avalanches. These different types of terrain are represented on a map by colors, assigning each a different color:

  • Green: simple ground
  • Blue: demanding terrain
  • Red: complex terrain

Your consultation helps the winter mountaineer to choose the safer itineraries , avoiding those areas most exposed to avalanches.

The winter mountaineer will also need to know the risk of avalanches (from weak -1- to very strong -5-), so they will need to carefully study the Avalanche Danger Bulletin (BPA) of the day.

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